Be a One-a-Month Repair Shop

Cars are donated to Free2B!, then inspected by collaborative repair shops, repaired and donated to individuals or families in need. The repairs are usually done by one of our One-A-Month shops. These shops provide one repair a month free of labor.

As a One-a-Month repair shop or auto service provider, you would repair a vehicle or provide a service to Free2B! without a charge for labor or the service. You would provide an invoice to Free2B! identifying the donated labor.

For a donated car needing a repair, you would receive a call that identifies all the repairs that have been identified on a vehicle and you would be asked if you could donate your labor to do the repairs normally within the next two weeks. The parts are direct billed to Free2B! unless they are dealer only parts.

Most one-a-month repair shops do 3 or 4 repairs a year. These shops are then identified in a special section of the Free2B! Annual Report and identified with press releases on the donated cars whenever possible.

For more information please call us at 763-717-7755 or email us:

Below is a list of our current One-A-Month Shops and others that provide a free service: